Yoga Teacher Training In India

Teacher Yogi Vishnuraj

Yogi Vishnuraj started his journey towards consciousness at the young age of 13. Observing the evolutionary growth process of humans as a small child struck a chord within him, and he wanted to explore the different relationships and bindings we possess as humans.

After analyzing the Duplication Theory of humans, Vishnuraj’s inner voice told him “you aren’t here for this purpose”. The very instant he heard this voice,he asked it simply ‘who am I?’.

He was triggered by divine instincts and found realisation by getting in touch with the grace and bliss of sidhas lineage. He began what was to become a long path of experience, during which time he spent several years in the Himalayas to achieve a higher state of practice. Later Vishnuraj was told by his master to spread this divine knowledge to the universe. That’s how he started teaching in different places & school’s all over India. For the last few years he has dedicated himself to serving humanity in Rishikesh, and now is part of the Shree Hari Yoga team. We warmly welcome his expertise and knowledge!