Our Locations

Shree Hari Yoga currently offers a complete selection of YTT courses in Dharamshala, Gokarna and Goa.

Why these locations?

Our schools are located in high energy, spiritual hubs. We know how important the environment is to achieving a centred and balanced state of mind, so we carefully chose areas that allow you to easily connect to nature and to yourself. We have 2 beach schools and one in the Himalayas, so there is a location to suit everyone. Remove yourself from the chaos of daily life and immerse deeply into some of the most spiritual centres of the world.

Dharamshala (North India) April 2018 – September 2018

Dive deep into yourself and reconnect with nature by enrolling on our Yoga TTC in Dharamshala. The majestic beauty of the Himalaya’s awaits you in this small and peaceful mountain town. As the home town of the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala is an inherently spiritual place and the Tibetan cultural influence and Buddhist practices that occur there only serve to heighten this energy. Undertaking a Dharamshala Yoga TTC is sure to leave you feeling peaceful, harmonious and connected, as well as full of knowledge and passion for your yoga practice.

Gokarna (South India) October 2018 – March 2019

What could be better than taking afternoon practice overlooking palm trees, listening to the soft sound of the birds, and then strolling to the beach for a sunset swim? This is the life that awaits you in Gokarna, a small holy town situated in Karnataka, South India. Enjoy clear waters, soft sand and dolphins playing on the horizon as you absorb yourself into your studies. Life in Gokarna is simple but full of richness and spirituality, making it the perfect place for your yoga TTC.

Goa (South India) October 2018 – March 2019

We also offer yoga TTC in Goa, South India. Goa is famous for its stunning coastline, laid back atmosphere and comfortable living. The vibe here is warm and carefree, the nature is plentiful and the culture is rich. Immerse yourself into a tranquil environment and allow yourself to realign, relax and restore as you begin to expand your knowledge of yoga.

Whichever location suits you best, when you arrive there you are guaranteed to be met with warm, comfort and kindness. We do our best to ensure your stay is as relaxing as possible, allowing you to fully commit to your studies. Consistency is core to our philosophy and the same holistic, integrated training will be provided at each location.