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Hatha yoga teacher training in Dharamshala is tied in with making a body which isn’t an obstacle in one’s life. The body turns into a venturing stone—not an obstacle, not a detour—in one’s advancement of blooming into his definitive plausibility.  The program is a broad investigation into the full profundity and greatness of Hatha Yoga and resuscitates different elements of this antiquated science which are to a great extent missing on the planet today. A long way from being a preparation routine that presents yoga as only an activity structure, this one of a kind program delivers the first reason for yoga: to help one experience the key idea of the presence.

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Hatha yoga teacher training in Dharamshala can change your life in a lovely and amazing way. It is a chance to:


  • Learn Classical Hatha Yoga
  • Be committed to learning and developing your own practice, including the frameworks of UPA Yoga, Angamardana, Surya Kriya, Surya Shakti, Yogasana.
  • Center after setting up these amazing practices as far as you can tell and afterwards take part in thorough preparing which engages you to instruct others.
  • Investigate and learn diverse parts of yoga past asanas (stances) including Kriya, Pranayam, Bandhas, Mantra Yoga, Nada Yoga, Bhakti Sadhana and Bhuta Shuddhi.
  • Be prepared by exceptionally qualified and motivating educators.
  • Train with devoted people from around the globe, making a rich multicultural ordeal and wide system of partners.


Hatha Yoga originates from a profound comprehension of the mechanics of the body and uses yogic stances, or yogasanas, to empower the framework to support higher components of vitality. By rehearsing this significant science, one can change and improve the manner in which they think, feel, and experience life.

Hatha yoga teacher training in Dharamshala is the course to accomplish a condition of flawlessness where the psyche and the body are content (without the craving for it), euphoric, and freed. Hatha Yoga is an undertaking to the victor the Mind (Mana), Knowledge (Vidya or jnana), Aims of Life (orpurusarthas), Health (Swashtha), and Suffering (Dukkha).

This additionally denotes the initial step where a yogi learns and adjusts to training the body and brain. The capacity of Asanas starts at the bone dimension that goes onto the forthright cell level. There are about 84,000 asanas and a similar number of nadis to which every asana is devoted. Explicit consideration is laid upon the arrangement of these asanas to guarantee that the stream of vitality is coordinated upwards from one chakra (wheel or plexus) to the following.

Following the customary framework, the Hatha Yoga Asana classes at our teacher training  in Dharamshala are separated into noteworthy classifications:


  • Standing Series (that work at Muscular Skeletal Level),
  • Sitting Series (for cleaning the fluid and strong constitutions by working the excretory, conceptive and urinary frameworks),
  • Inclined Series, i.e., lying on the stomach (to cleanse the flame and air components by controlling the stomach related, respiratory, and circulatory frameworks)
  • Recumbent Series, i.e., lying on the back (to refine the air, space, and mindfulness)

Asanas detail the absolute first phase of our Hatha Yoga Training. The point is to guarantee an ailment free body, offer the yogi quality, wellbeing, and a functioning body and psyche.

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