Multi Style Yoga School

At Multi Style Yoga School we teach multi style yoga offered in a balanced and holistic way, from asana to philosophy. Our aim is to guide you as you deepen your yoga practice, develop your confidence and feel the transforming effects of living deeply immersed in this transformational practice.

About Multi Style Yoga School

Multi Style Yoga School was founded by Hari Pawali, who took his first step on the yogic path at just 16 years old. Since then Hari Ji has become passionate about sharing his knowledge with his students, inspiring and assisting them in their personal journeys. Browse our website to learn more about Hari Ji and his wonderful team of teachers.

Our Yoga

At Multi Style Yoga School we teach balanced multi-style yoga. We believe that a well-rounded student and great teacher should have the opportunity to experience many vareties of yoga, as each style has a unique benefit to the body, mind and soul. We mainly focus on the following three paths of yoga:

  • Hatha Yoga

    Hatha Yoga comprises of a system of physical practices and breathing techniques aimed to bring the body into a meditative state. A Hatha asana class is fairly slow moving, postures are held for some time and the focus is on deep stretching and strengthening. Hatha yoga is a tool for holistic health that enables us to reach the highest stages of meditation.

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

    Ashtanga Vinyasa is about using sequential movement, interlinking postures to form a continuous flow. It is excellent for increasing aerobic fitness and strength as well as flexibility. Ashtanga vinyasa is a strong, dynamic style of yoga and emphasises the linking of movement and breath (vinyasa), ujjayi breathing and bandhas (energy locks).

  • Yin Yoga

    Yin is a meditative asana practice. Poses are typically held for 1 – 5 minutes, allowing us to access the deep layers of connective tissue in the body and increase the range of motion in our joints. Yin yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Suitable for almost all levels of students, yin helps you to slow down, listen to and be with the body.

At Multi Style Yoga School we offer 100 hour YTTC, 200 hour YTTC, 300 hour YTTC, 500 hour YTTC, Yoga Retreats and Drop-in Classes in all 3 of our locations – Gokarna, Goa and Dharamsala.

For Yoga teacher training courses, students should be prepared to be mentally and physically challenged during the course. For those looking for a more relaxed exploration of yoga, we offer a variety of retreats.