Why is everyone talking about 200 hr yoga teacher training in Dharamsala?

Do you think yoga is always done inside air-conditioned rooms? Think again. Yoga is an exercise that aligns mind, body, and soul. And to connect within, you need to align with your environment.
Yoga classes in serene locations are the latest trend. But 200 hr yoga teacher training in Dharamshala seems to be a matter of the moment. Why? Why is there is so much buzz about200 hr yoga teacher training in Dharamsala? Why is everyone talking about 200 hr yoga teacher training in Dharamsala? Let’s find out.

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Surreal Location

Yoga is all about enhancing yourself as a being by connecting with inner-self. What better way to discover your true self than practicing yoga surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature? Located in the state of snow-cladded peak – Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is home to Dalai Lama and is a place of spiritual importance.

For years now, Dharamshala has been a beautiful haven for spiritually-inclined Individuals and yogis. A magnificent blend of culture, panoramic natural beauty, welcoming locals and amazing diversity of Dharamshala make it perfect for spiritual endeavours and practicing yoga.

Yoga training schools have realized the undeniable spiritual qualities of the magnificent place. Most yoga training schools offer 200 hr yoga teacher training in dharmsala to enhance the learning experience of their students.

Beyond Physical

Apart from perfecting your yoga postures and asanas, you will learn practice yoga alone without any injuries.  But 200 hr yoga teacher training in dharmsala is not limited to just learning various asana, styles of namaskars and pranayama such as Seetali, Kapalbhati, Bandhas, Bhastrika, Mudras, etc.

You will form the foundation in yoga and enhance your skills.  Meditation and mantras will help you find inner peace and achieve your true potential. You will also learn to apply yogic assets to your everyday life in addition to benefiting from self-reflecting exercises.

Back to Basics

200 hr yoga teacher training in dharmsala is designed for building self-awareness and help in the overall transformation of beginners. The course helps you to understand the basics of human physiology and anatomy.

With a better understanding of body, angles and static, you will be learning to make corrections of physical, mental and energy levels. You will also learn how asanas, pranayama, meditation and mantras affect the body and bring alignment.

Connect with Ancient History

Yoga is an ancient practice that is committed to overall health and wellness. 200 hr yoga teacher training in dharmsala will allow you to connect with the very roots of Yoga.  The program will help you travel back in time and learn about ancestry and history of yoga. You will also learn Sanskrit names and practices written in traditional books and writings.

A New Way of Life

200 hr yoga teacher training in dharmsala teaches to the anatomy of wellness and alignment. From theory to practice, you will learn correct techniques to practicing yoga and relaxing. In addition, you will also learn yogic anatomy such as energy layers, mind, energy channel, koshas, etc.  These learnings will help you lead your life in a wholesome manner.

200 hr yoga teacher training in dharmsala
 is not just a course but an experience. The course will help you develop a strong yoga foundation and build necessary teaching skills. You will not just learn about yoga postures but discover a new way of life through ancient spiritual, mental and physical disciplines and practices known as – yoga.

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