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100hr Yoga and Life Management


Everyone is the manager of his or her life. Each person has to deal with health issues, emotional stability, find intellectual balance and social maturity. We have many areas to organise. But the solution is only one – YOGA.
In this course you study the human personality as five layers. Learn how to maintain them healthily.


Who can join?

This course is open to all who want to organise their life on the foundation of Yogic principles and practices.


Course Outline

Over the course of 100hrs, we will complete a study of the human personality as five layers.
* Food Layer – definition and meaning; Healthy food habits; Asana practice; Austerity at a physical level.
* Prana Layer – definition and meaning; Habits to cultivate good prana; Selected pranayama practices; Austerity at speech level.
* Mental Layer – definition and meaning; Karma Yoga to purify heart; Bhakti Yoga to open heart; Trusting others; Austerities to purify mind.
* Intellectual Layer – definition and meaning; Employing logic and reasoning; Dharana- practice for concentration; Meditation, it’s meaning and few methods of meditation.
* Blissful Layer – definition and meaning. Understanding Bliss as natural state.



6.30AM – 7.30AM         Mantra/Pranayama/Meditation
7. 30 AM – 9.00AM       Asana Practice
9.00AM – 10.30AM       Breakfast
10.30AM – 12.00PM      Yoga Philosophy
12.00PM – 3.00PM        Lunch/Self-Study
3.00PM – 4.15PM          Yogic Anatomy
4.30PM – 5.30PM          Asana Practice
5.30PM – 6.00PM          Refreshments
6.00PM – 7.00PM          Evening Melodies/Yoga Nidra
7.00PM – 8.00PM          Dinner
8.00PM-9.30PM            Self Study
9.30PM                          Lights off

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