Unwind Yourself with 100 Hr YTTC in Dharamsala

Yoga Teacher Training In India

Why Unwind Yourself with 100 Hr YTTC in Dharamsala, India

Do you want to incorporate yoga into your life? Or have you been looking for a yoga teacher training school to refine your yoga skills to start helping other learn it? Multi Style Yoga School is best institute for 100 hr yoga for beginners in dharmsala program. 

If the answer is a yes, you need a right course that not only helps you make yoga an essential part of your life but allows you to understand the core of yoga as a life-changing process and its impact on a person’s existence.

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Are you wondering why you need to learn all the theory behind it? Wouldn’t it be just easy to learn a few ‘asanas’ or poses at any yoga teacher training school and practice that? Well, yoga is not about practice. It’s a way of life.

Each asana has a significant impact on your core energy and right time & manner is important. At initial stages, it is necessary that you practice yoga under the guidance of an experienced yoga master for safety and to enhance its benefits.

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100 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala, India at Shri Hari Yoga School: A Perfect Way to Unwinding Your Inner Self

If you search for yoga courses, you will find various courses including 200 hr yoga teacher training in India & 300 hr yoga teacher training in India. While the bigger number of hours might seem a little more exciting, it can be a little overwhelming for a first yoga getaway YTTC courses in India. 100 hr yoga teacher training in India is a perfect way to embark on both yoga teaching or yoga learning journey.

Right Start for Yoga Beginners

The beauty of 100 hr YTTC in Dharamsala course it’s designed to give beginners a powerful start. As it is the basic YTTC course in Dharamsala, beginners get to experience yoga and its roots from close. If you are looking for a 100-hr yoga for beginners in Dharamsala, Shri Hari Yoga schools 100 hr YTTC course in India is a reasonable choice even if you do not wish to teach yoga.

Dharamsala, India – A Beautiful Yoga Haven

A panoramic destination nestled by the stunning mountains, Dharamsala is a spiritual centre. You will have a memorable journey of learning yoga and unwinding your inner self in the picturesque backdrop of mountains, greenery and fresh air.

Why Shri Hari Yoga Teacher Training School?

Shri Hari yoga teacher training school has created a remarkable 100 hr YTTC in India that helps beginners build a solid foundation of yoga. The course not only focuses on mastering asanas or meditation but also touches on deeper realms of yoga by teaching key yogic concepts including mudras, kriyas, mantras and bandhas along with imparting a better understanding of your body through discussion of physiology and anatomy.

Yoga is not just a form of exercise. It’s about finding alignment between mind, body and soul – a balance that each one of us seeks. And Shri Hari Yoga teacher training School is a window to that balance. Do you want to know more about 100 Hr Yoga.

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